Have you ever heard about Kimi Raikkonen’s past performance in the F1? He’s back for more fame, here!

Kimi Raikkonen is a Finnish car driver who won the Formula 1 championship and other titles, including being on the top 3 podia of some competitions. But in 2009 he decided to quit and start undertaking in the world of the Rally championships.

But he has returned to Formula 1 after some years, even this year he participated and was ranked No. 19. The year 2019 will be also participating with the Swiss team. Raikkonen has become a legend of speed racing and is even a reference for many pilots. And he’s already preparing to compete in Abu Dhabi with Pirelli.

His New Car

He’s competing with Sauber’s C37, and recently in his last race, he managed to reach 10 laps in just one hour. With a suit designed without any particular brand and with a black helmet to provide protection, is the clothing that is being used.

Some other pilots are also preparing for future competitions next year, such as Valtteri Bottas sponsored by Mercedes, Max Verstappen sponsored by Red Bull and Nico Hulkenberg sponsored by Renault.

His New Sponsor

Currently, Kimi is being sponsored by Sauber, curiously the brand that began to sponsor him to his beginnings in the world of racing cars and leaving Ferrari, a decision that generated some comments of surprise.

Ferrari Has The Next One

And will be replaced at Ferrari by one of the youngest drivers of all, Charles Leclerc, only 20 years old. And recently even the Ferrari brand publicly expressed words of thanks and affection towards Kimi.

Raikkonen is the most veteran driver who is currently competing. He even recently took the No. 3 spot in the Grand Prix. And it’s one of the most anticipated to see compete next year in the different competitions.

And above all, many people are curious to see him compete again in Abu Dhabi after many years without participating; so many people will be watching him.

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